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May 1, 2014 / Rob

Why Epistane is the best prohormone for cutting


epistane prohormoneIn my opinion nothing beats Epistane for cutting purposes. Epistane might be the best cutting prohormone in the market and it has been staying there for a while under different names – Epistane, RPN Havoc, Epi and similar variations. To my mind, it is pretty mild prohormone and pretty often seen as a choice for the first cycle. Also experienced prohormone users return to Epi.

Epistane is derived from DHT (androstanolone) and DHT is known for its anti-estrogen effect. Furthermore, Epistane will not aromatize to testosterone and it is also non-progestagenic. This prohormone is great for dry gains and cutting down some body fat because it decreases the ability of forming new fat cells, it will not make you hold water compared to Superdrol which is very wet compound. Some strength gains are also noticeable. 

epistane havoc

RPN Havoc prohormone

If you are wondering about Epistane dosing, it is usually dosed like this –  20/30/30/30, meaning that you take 20mg every day for the first week and then bump up the dose to 30 for the rest of the month, however if this is your first cycle and you want to test the tolerance and general effect then it is alright to take 20mg every day throughout the cycle. Experienced users can extend the cycle to 6 weeks or bump the dose to 40mg or higher at the last week. Like I mentioned, Epistane is not harsh prohormone that is why side-effects are tolerable.

People taking Epistane usually do not develop gyno, in fact Epistane can be taken together with other compounds to decrease the chance of gyno. Epistane might make your joints feel dry which can lead to an injury, so take proper care by taking enough fish-oil because it greatly helps with dry joint problem. Some users might experience back pumps which might not be comfortable, to eliminate them, it has been suggested to take some taurine (2 – 5g should be alright) and drink enough water.

If you are willing to experiment and stack Epistane with other prohormones, you can do that and it is actually highly popular. Epistane can be stacked together with methylstenbolone  or trenavar, both will help to produce dry gains but with more mass and increased strength.

PCT for Epistane still should consist of SERM (Selective estrogen-receptor modulator), you can look online for labs, also decent testosterone booster like D-aspartic acid (in studies it has increased natural testosterone production by 42%).


April 28, 2014 / Rob

Trenavar – strength and hardness prohormone

trenavarHi, this time I will do a review of one of my all time favorite prohormones – Tren (Trenavar). It is not the almighty king of steroids – Trenbolone, however it has some similar properties. Tren is great if you are looking for muscle hardness, strength. Although, it is still pretty good pro hormone for muscle gains as well. When you are doing bulking cycle, you can still expect to get about 10lbs (4.5kg) from one cycle of trenavar, but it is really great when you are planning to cut or do a re-comp cycle. Tren will help you to lose weight and build some muscle at the same time and you can expect to get about 5lbs and lose bodyfat simultaneously. When used on cut it will give you hard and shredded look, which you simply cannot achieve naturally, additionally it does not convert to estrogen, in a result, you will not get water weight. Trenavar will also help with vascularity, that is why this is the right prohormone for warm weather, when you can show off your gains and road map of veins. I can also guarantee that pumps in the gym will be crazy, after the arm workout you won’t be able to bend your arms, I am absolutely sure of it.

Dosing of tren (trenavar) is between 1 to 3 capsules per day or 30mg per day, start slowly and work your way up with every week. Usually the cycle length of Trenavar is 4 to 6 weeks, do not try to exceed it since it is still an oral steroid which can be toxic to your liver.

Side-effect wise Tren is not very harsh, but you still have to take liver support like with every other prohormone, since they convert to active ingredients in the liver creating toxic byproducts, however with decent liver support you have nothing to worry about, liver is the only organ which has self-regeneration ability over time. Also if you experience headaches or other symptoms of high blood pressure, take some cycle support or herbal medicine for high blood pressure, it should be enough to normalize levels. tren

After the cycle of Tren do a regular PCT. Restore your natural testosterone production by using SERM (Nolvadex or Clomid) and boost the production of testosterone by taking OTC (over the counter) testosterone boosters. I recommend D-Aspartic Acid, studies have showed that it can increase the natural production of testosterone by 40%.  That should be enough to recover properly.

Tren/Trenavar prohormones are highly popular and there are different brands available, people usually choose it by their favorite brands or simply by price.




February 26, 2014 / Rob

Best Prohormones On The Market

Prohormone market is changing constantly, new prohormones show up from time to time and some of the old ones get taken out. Anyway, there are some prohormones that stand out from the rest, they perform well, increase strength dramatically, may improve endurance or pumps and can potentially increase lean body mass while burning down some fat. Sounds pretty amazing and in most cases it is if you diet right and train intensively. I have achieved great results by taking only pro-hormones without touching anything else more serious and I couldn’t be happier. The gains are incredible, results are in just few weeks and I get compliments all the time. However, when you are messing with such things as prohormones first you need to plan out your PCT, training routine and diet. If you are into it, you must really plan out all that stuff, otherwise you risk your health and all the money would be wasted if you ended up with poor results. Alright, enough about that, now  I will mention best prohormones on the market by my personal experience:

 best prohormones on the market

Super DMZ

I reallly liked this prohormone, I used it for 6 weeks and gained decent size and strength and the pumps were intense, pumps lasted all day after the training. Then the muscle hardness kicked in and I woke up with nice pump in muscles and I also became more vascular. I ate pretty clean but it still turned out really good bulking cycle, I gained decent size and it was really noticeable. I will definitely include DMZ in my next cycle but probable will try to increase calories since this can turn out as an amazing bulking prohormone, but I would still recommend it even for those who are cutting, this prohormone will spare your muscle while on cut and might even increase the lean muscle mass and strength.  While using this pro-hormone I did not experience any bloating, so I might say it was pretty smooth cycle.

 best prohormones on the market

Havoc (Epistane)

Havoc or Epistane is also one of the best prohormones on the market, it is perfect for those who want to stay lean since there is no water retention, it is fantastic dry prohormone and I would recommend it for cutting or re-comp cycle. I did notice a little more acne while on cycle but it was nothing I couldn’t handle, I used more fish oil on this Havoc cycle because I heard that it can make your joints more dry, however I did not get any other side-effect and altogether I am really pleased with this cycle and would definitely run it one more time for some nice re-composition effect and lean muscle-building ability. I think this is perfect pro-hormone for spring cut to get that beach body. Sometimes this prohormone is mixed together with trenavar since they both produce lean gains, I haven’t tried that combinition, however I am sure that it would yield great results.

 best prohormones on the market


Halodrol/H-50 is classic prohormone, it was the first I tried and it brought great results, I got much stronger and since it was pure bulking cycle, I got 16lbs after PCT. I consider it really good for single prohormone cycle lasting 6 weeks. I had nice pumps all day long and after few weeks my t-shirts got filled up pretty good. Halodrol made my arms much bigger and I could add 40lbs on my bench press which is crazy good for me. I recommend this prohormone to anyone, no matter if it is your first cycle or one of many it will deliver great results.


February 16, 2013 / Rob

How To Fight Gyno

Hey, I thought that this might be interesting topic for some of you guys.
Since we are prohormone users, we interact with out hormonal system. Usually prohormones are not aromatizing to estrogen but there is possibility to have these estrogenic side-effects in your post-cycle therapy. So how do we fight these side-effects? Well actually I already mentioned in my PCT article, that the SERM is must-have for any prohormone users. Get Nolva or Clomid and do proper PCT, also don’t forget to start your AI (aromatase inhibitor) like Erase, Adex etc. at your 3rd week of PCT, SERM it self will not lower your estrogen levels but it will keep estrogen from binding to wrong receptors and avoid gyno (bitch tits), AI on the other hand will help you with lowering your estrogen levels. Also keep in mind to slowly taper AI down (gradually reduce the dose) so there wouldn’t be any estrogen re-bound.
I think I covered everything you should generally know about proper PCT and avoiding gyno, sure these methods do not guarantee that there will be no estro sides, but regularly it is what helps. Stay safe, bros! Image

February 21, 2012 / Rob

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

PCT is very important and you should pay great attention to it.

For higher class prohormones you should also have Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM). SERMs block estrogen receptors and prevent from gyno. Get SERM before your cycle. Better be safe than sorry.  A SERM like nolvadex is widely used in PCT to help kickstart the HPTA back to normal function. Most popular SERMs are Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate),  Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate), Fareston (Toremifene Citrate).

Next thing you should have your hands on is Aromatase Inhibitor (AI). It would greatly help to reduce estrogen but it may lead to sore joints.  Great product which helps as AI and Cortisol Control is PES Erase.
RI’s (Reductase Inhibitors) is the next supplement which could help you on PCT. It prevents hairloss but it is not obligatory and hair loss usually is genetic trait which can be encouraged by prohormones if hair loss has been experienced in your family.

To help get your natural testosterone levels back to normal you should also use testosterone boosters which can be easily bought online. The cheapest but really effective testosterone booster is D-Aspartic Acid (DAA).

Cortisol levels can also be high after the cycle so you should definitely get cortisol control supplement.

Cycle Assist can also be taken at PCT.

As for dosing, if we take Nolvadex, a good dosing could be like this:
right after finishing prohormone cycle start taking it for 4 weeks (20-20-10-10), meaning that you take 20mg every day for first 2 weeks and 10mg every day for the rest. For type 4 prohormones you can increase dosage at first week and take it like this: 30-20-10-10. Another popular SERM is clomid which can be taken like this: 50-50-25-25

February 21, 2012 / Rob

The most popular prohormones

Clones:  11-Sterone, 11-Test
Nomenclature:  Adrenosterone (Androst-4-ene-3,11,17-trione
Common Dosages:  300mg to 900 mg daily.
Common Cycle Length:  5-9 Weeks.
Methylated:  No
Half-Life:  Average (6-8 hours)
Possible Side effects:  11-OXO is very mild, libido changes possible, mild acne,  hair thinning, etcetera.
Notes:  Great cutter, excellent cortisol control, good stacker, not viable solo in anything but a cut, very costly to run properly.
Class: Stage 1
PCT: Over the Counter PCT

Clones:  Furaguno, Furazadrol, Furuza-A, Winabol/Winadrol
Nomenclature:  5a-androstanol[2,3]furazan-17b-tetrahydropyranol
Common Dosages:  200mg to 300 mg daily.
Common Cycle Length:  5-6 Weeks.
Methylated:  No
Half-Life:  Short (5-6 hours)
Possible Side effects:  very mild, reduces good & bad cholesterol, increased anxiety, slightly increased blood Pressure, back pumps and etcetera.
Notes:  Great cutter, decent strength gains, lean and dry gains stacks well with other compounds.
Class: stage 1
PCT: over the counter pct

1,4 AD (BOLD)
Clones:  EQ-Plex, EQ-Jet, Bold
Nomenclature:  1,4-androstadiene-3b,17b-dione or androst-1,4-diene-3b,17b-dione
Common Dosages:  600mg to 1000 mg daily.
Common Cycle Length:  6-10 Weeks.
Methylated:  No
Half-Life:  Long (10-12 hours)
Possible Side effects:  BOLD is quite mild however can cause higher blood pressure, increased appetite, libido changes, acne, hair thinning, etcetera.
Notes:  Quite costly to run at effective dosages, solid as a bulking compound due to increased appetite, easy to maintain gains, great stacker.
Class: Stage 1
PCT: over the counter pct

Clones:  H-Drol, H-Roid
Nomenclature:  4-Chloro-17a-Methyl-Androst-1,4-Diene-3-17b-Diol
Common Dosages:  50mg to 100mg daily.
Common Cycle Length:  4-6 Weeks.
Methylated:  Yes
Half-Life:  Long (12 hours)
Possible Side effects:  Heptatoxicity (Liver), sore/dry joints, back/muscle pumps, decreased libido, acne, etcetera.
Notes:  Great multi-purpose compound, produces dry/lean muscle gains.
Class: Stage 2
PCT: Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate)

Clones:  Promag, P-Mag
Nomenclature:  4-Chloro-17a-Methyl-Andro-4-Ene-3,17b-Diol
Common Dosages:  50mg to 100mg daily.
Common Cycle Length:  4-6 Weeks.
Methylated:  Yes
Half-Life:  Long (12 hours)
Possible Side effects:  Heptatoxicity (Liver), sore/dry joints, back/muscle pumps, decreased libido, acne, etcetera.
Notes:  Similar to Halodrol, Great multi-purpose compound, produces dry/lean muscle gains.  Slightly better bulker than Halodrol, begins working quicker as well.
Class: Stage 2
PCT: Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate)

Clones:  E-Stane
Nomenclature:  2a,3a-epithio-17a-methyl-etioallocholan-17b-ol
Common Dosages:  30mg to 40mg daily.
Common Cycle Length:  4-5 Weeks.
Methylated:  Yes
Half-Life:  Average (6-8 hours)
Possible Side effects:  Heptatoxicity (Liver), sore/dry joints, puffy/sensitive nipples, back/calf pumps, decreased libido, acne, etcetera.
Notes:  Good multi-purpose compound, very lean dry gains,  good strength increases.  Some people don’t seem to respond to Epistane, so it’s a hit or miss compound.
Class: Stage 3
PCT: Nolavadex (Tamoxifen CItrate)

Clones:  M-Drol, Masterdrol, S-Drol
Nomenclature:  2a, 17a Dimethyl Etiocholan 3-One, 17b-Ol
Common Dosages:  10mg to 30mg daily.
Common Cycle Length:  3-4 Weeks.
Methylated:  Yes
Half-Life:  Average (6-10 hours)
Possible Side effects:  One of the harshest compounds around.  Heptatoxicity (Liver), poor lipid profiles, muscle pumps/cramps, lethargy, may aggravate gynecomastia and more.
Notes:  One of the strongest compounds on the market, produces rapid dry & lean muscle mass gains, great for bulking, side effects are common.
Class: Stage 4
PCT: Nolavadex (Tamoxifen CItrate)

Clones:  Phera, P-Plex, Phera Flex
Nomenclature:  17a-Methyl-etioallocholan-2-ene-17b-ol
Common Dosages:  20mg to 40mg daily.
Common Cycle Length:  3-4 Weeks.
Methylated:  Yes
Half-Life:  Long (10-12 hours)
Possible Side effects:  One of the harshest compounds around.  Heptatoxicity (Liver), poor lipid profiles, muscle pumps/cramps, lethargy, may aggravate gynecomastia and more.
Notes:  One of the strongest compounds on the market, produces rapid wet mass gains, great for bulking, side effects are common.  Not suitable for cutting or recomp.
Class: Stage 4
PCT: Nolavadex (Tamoxifen CItrate)

Clones:x-tren, Trena
Nomenclature:17b-methoxy-trenbolone  or  13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5(10)-diene-17-one
Common dosages:60mg-120mg daily
comon cycle length: 4-6 weeks
Half-Life:Long (48-72 hours)
Possible side effects: Decreased Libido Sexual Function, Lethargy,Fatigue,Increased hair growth,increased hair shedding, Puffy, Sensitive Nipples,Joint Discomfort,Back Pumps
Notes: Very Strong non-methylated Compound. Users can gain on the upwards of 20lbs per 6 week cycle
Class: Stage 3
PCT: Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate)

February 20, 2012 / Rob

Getting started

Since you are at this site, I presume that you are interested in using prohormones.

Here are some basic tips and information for starting prohormone cycle.

  • Every prohormone  should be used by adults at least 21 years old and I wouldn’t recommend anyone who is younger to use them because it can dramatically impact health and growth.
  • If you are new to prohormones you should not stack them together and choose mild compounds for the first run.

These are:
             11-OXO-11-Sterone, 11-Test
            Orastan-AFuraguno, Furazadrol, Furuza-A, Winabol/Winadrol
             1,4 AD (Bold)-EQ-Plex, EQ-Jet, Bold
            Halodrol-H-drol, Halovar, Halo XT, Turinabol, Heeladrol
            Promagnon-Promag, P-Mag
            Epistane- E-stane, Havoc

  • You shouldn’t dose too high for your first cycle, here are some common dosages.

11-OXO Compounds- 300mg to 900 mg daily. Cycle Length 5-9 weeks
Orastan-A compounds- 200mg to 300 mg daily. Cycle Length 5-6 weeks
1,4 AD (Bold) compounds- 600 to 1000 mg daily. Cycle Length 6-10 weeks
Halodrol compounds- 50-100mg daily. Cycle length 4-6 weeks
Promagnon compounds- 50-100mg daily. Cycle length 4-6 weeks
Epistane compounds- 30-45mg daily Cycle length 4-5 weeks

  • While you are on the cycle I would recommend you to take On-cycle-products which are usually pretty cheap. They would help you with blood pressure, liver health, joint health etc.  Most popular are such as: cycle assist,  cycle support, liver support, hawthorn berry, milk thistle.
    You should start pre-loading milk-thistle and hawthorn berry 2 weeks before your cycle.
  • You should take pro-hormones together with your food, thus you would increase it’s half-life.
  • You shouldn’t drink alcohol for the whole cycle, starting with pre-loading, prohormone cycle and PCT (post-cycle therapy)
  •  Here is an information about other supplements which could help or harm while you are on cycle:
    Stimulants- No, PH’s can raise blood pressure, since Stimulants can raise blood pressure as well, this is not a good idea. Try using BCAA’s and N.O products pre workout.
    Creatine- Some people prefer to save creatine for their pct, but it can be safely ran on cycle.
    Taurine- Yes, Taurine aids in relieving back pumps.
    Extra support sups- You don’t have to, but it can’t hurt
    Fish oil and vitamins- Yes, you should be taking this on and off cycle.
    Joint support- You can be dried out on some compounds, so sometimes joint supplements are necessary.
  • Finally you should make sure that you have sufficient post-cycle therapy (PCT)
    11-oxo, Orastan-A, 1,4 AD only require over the counter (OTC) PCT. Which means you can get it easily in every supplement store.
    The rest of the PH would require SERM which would prevent estrogen related problems like gyno.
    SERMs shoud be doses like this:
    Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolva)
    •Week 1:  20mg daily
    •Week 2:  20mg daily
    •Week 3:  10mg daily
    •Week 4:  10mg dailyClomiphene Citrate (Clomid)
    •Week 1:  50mg daily
    •Week 2:  50mg daily
    •Week 3:  25mg daily
    •Week 4:  25mg dailyToremifene Citrate (Fareston)
    •Week 1:  90mg daily
    •Week 2:  60mg daily
    •Week 3:  60mg daily
    •Week 4:  30mg daily
  • You should wait at least 6 – 8 weeks after the cycle to get on another one.Now you should know some basic information, more information about specific compounds, serms, pct and workouts will be provided later.